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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Nap time is too a wonderful thing!

So I've decided that I like being able to just come here and get whatever is in my head out. After I wrote the first post I was going to go and lay down but I was stopped on taking a nap because my son didn't want to nap today and that is to be expected because he is 4 years old and outgrowing those naps. Which needless to say is going to ruin my plans the day he decides that napping is not cool. I live for those times when my children are lying in their beds asleep and I have at least an hour during the day to myself. When you suffer from depression sleep is something that is completely wonderful.

As my son stands here way too close to dinner time screaming at me that he wants waffles I wonder if I spoil him. I mean seriously I always said that I would be the type of mom that would discipline their child and not let them grow up to be spoiled brats. I wouldn't have the kind of child that stood in a grocery store and screamed bloody murder because they wanted something. Seeing the actions of those screaming children always bothered me, but what bothered me more is when the mother gave in to what they wanted because their child was causing a scene and embarrassing them. I always told myself that my child would "NEVER" act like that. Yeah those were the words of an unexperienced mother. I have learned one very important lesson in the 4 years that I have been a mother. Never say Never AGAIN!!!

No matter how hard I try my child is going to cause a scene in public because well....that is what kids are good at. They love attention and will do anything to get that. So yeah I probably do spoil my son but you know what who cares I parent different from other people. The thing that gets me is when someone who is not a parent or has never parented a child comes up to me and says that I'm doing things wrong. Really? Well unless that person has had some type of special schooling who are they to tell me that I'm wrong? How do they know that what I'm doing with my child is wrong??? I've come to this realization...I'm doing the best that I can with what I have to work with. And on top of that I will always love my children even if they are spoiled brats at times and cause scenes which embarrass me.


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